Britain should acknowledge the harm it has done to the

Palestinian people and make amends to them.


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Britains denial of responsibility and Palestinians today.

In 1948/49 Israel took to itself all of the lands and properties of the refugees and from the day they left has prevented then from returning to their homes by the use / threat of lethal force .

The UN in describing situations of gross human rights abuses (such as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ) declared that there is an "obligation on the responsible power at the time, to protect and guarantee human rights, to conduct effective investigations and to guarantee effective remedy and reparations" UNHCR 2006

Britain has neglected to fulfil any of these obligations to the refugees that were ethnically cleansed from Palestine in 1948 whilst Britain was the responsible power.

Zionist/Israeli propaganda has continuously used an invented narrative to deny the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and to deny the refugees their right to return home. Alongside this Britain has stayed silent about it . This silence amounts to a cover up which hides Britain's and the Zionist's culpability in the ethnic cleansing crime and supports Israel’s propaganda and thereby Israel’s denial of the refugee's rights.

Present day Governments have maintained this silence despite Israel's 'new historians' and their Palestinian colleagues having exposed it all in recent times.

Britain should admit its culpability in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948 and should fulfil its moral and legal obligations to the Palestinian refugees now.

As author of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which was the origin of the catastrophe, and as the responsible power in Palestine for 30 years and at the time of the crime, Britain has an obligation to set the record straight.

It should acknowledge its share of responsibility for the creation of the refugee crisis, and recognize and promote by all means necessary the right of the refugees to return home and to receive reparations.


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