Britain should acknowledge the harm it has done to the

Palestinian people and make amends to them.

Campaign: We call on our Government to acknowledge Britain's responsibility for the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine and make amends for it

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War on the Palestinians.

The lives of all Palestinians have been dominated for nearly 100 years, first by the British Empire and then by Israel, both dedicated to making by force their country Palestine into a "Jewish homeland"

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The end of British rule and its lasting conseqences

In the final months of its 30 year rule in 1948 , Britain , the responsible power in Palestine, neglected to use its large army on the ground to stop the brutal mass expulsions of more than half of all Palestinian families (the Nakba) . Before Britain had left,  Zionist forces were well advanced in their 'cleansing' mission . They had driven out over 250,000 Palestinians and emptied of their Palestinian population major urban areas of Haifa, Jaffa , Safad , Tiberias and Western Jerusalem and over 200 villages (and bombed them to rubble) as 75,000 British soldiers stood bye.

The Zionist forces continued the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians after Britain left. By this crime 78% of Palestine was transformed into Israel.

In 1948/49 Israel took to itself all of the lands and properties of the refugees and from the day they left has prevented then from returning to their homes by the threat of lethal force .

Zionist propaganda has continuously used an invented narrative to deny the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and to deny the refugees their right to return home.

Alongside this Britain by its continued silence about the ethnic cleansing and its own culpability in it effectively supports Israel's denial today of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian refugees.

As the responsible power in 1948 at the time of the crime, Britain has an obligation to make amends. It should now acknowledge its share of responsibility for the creation of the refugee crisis and recognize and promote the right of the refugees to return home.



We call on our Government to acknowledge Britain’s responsibility for the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine (Nakba)  to create Israel in 1948 and to make amends for it.

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This Website

What follows on the pages of this website are descriptions of British actions (1917-1948) that were detrimental to the Palestinians and that led to them being ethnically cleansed from Palestine in 1948 to create Israel.

These descriptions are taken from Israeli and other Jewish , Palestinian and British historians' writings.